What Managers Should Talk About With Their Staff When They Meet

When properly conducted, staff meetings are a productive way to reach your entire team at once. Having everyone in the same room helps people connect and get on the same page.

Instead of wasting this valuable time on status updates and mindless banter, use it to move forward together. People will leave the meeting feeling they accomplished something really great.

4 Topics to Cover in Your Staff Meetings

Key Initiatives to Work Towards

If every employee has a different idea of what’s important, you’ll never make any progress as a team. During your meetings, discuss key initiatives the company needs to achieve and make a plan to accomplish them together. Major progress will be made when everyone works together.

Risks Currently Faced by the Company

Managing risks is a team effort, but it’s hard to do this when everyone defines them differently. Putting all perceived risks on the table allows your team to discuss them as a group to determine real versus perceived risks. When the real risks are identified, you’re able to develop a plan to tackle them as a group.

Improvements They Can Make

Constant improvements are necessary to keep your team moving forward, so ask your staff what changes they think would have the biggest impact. Oftentimes, senior management makes these decisions on their own, and it doesn’t end well, because the people doing the day-to-day work have the best insights. Asking the whole team to weigh in allows you to develop a well-rounded opinion that will benefit the organization as a whole.

Projects That Aren’t Going Anywhere

Every company has a few projects that start strong with the best of intentions, but ultimately fizzle out. While people realize these initiatives are a waste of time, they often feel obligated to see them through, because they don’t realize everyone else feels the same way. Empower employees to speak up about work they consider pointless, because there’s no need to dedicate even more time and resources to causes going nowhere.

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