Call center professionals are the voice of the company, so employers are very selective with who they hire. If you want to get a job on the frontline of the organization, you’ll have to prove you have the personality and skills needed to be successful.

One unpleasant experience with a call center employee can turn a customer away for good — or even lead to a public relations nightmare — so you won’t land an interview unless your resume makes it clear you can handle the job. Find out how to tailor your resume to sell you as the best person for the job.

Three Ways to Customize Your Resume For a Call Center Position

Highlight Your Customer Service Skills

Call center employees work to resolve a wide variety of complaints, so the hiring manager needs to know you’re a quick thinker with excellent problem-solving skills. Since the job involves dealing with all types of personalities, you’ll want to emphasize your calm temperament and abundance of patience.

Highlight the fact you’re an excellent listener, extremely detail oriented and live by the principle the customer is always right — even when they’re not.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

Actions speak louder than words. Showcase your fit for the job by quantifying as many applicable accomplishments as possible, because everything sounds more convincing when a number is involved. For example, saying you had a high customer satisfaction rating at your last job is nice, but draws much more of a punch when you specifically note your rating was 98 percent.

Other achievements, such as taking the initiative to streamline a previous employer’s data entry process, thus reducing average call time by five minutes should also be emphasized.

Mention Relevant Training and Experience

Most companies provide their own training for call center employees, but if you’ve had any formal instruction, mention it, as this will enhance your credibility. The same goes for previous call center or customer service positions. Experience isn’t always required, but knowing you’ve held similar jobs before will make you stand out to the employer.

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