More than just names on your staffing roster, your employees are directly responsible for the success of your company, so having a great relationship with them is crucial. If you want these people to really care about the work they’re doing for the business, you need to engage them and foster a true sense of team.

Hiding out in your corner office most of the day will do nothing to forge a bond with your staff. Spend as much time with them as possible to get to know them and show them how grateful you are for everything they do.

Three Benefits of a Strong Employer/Employee Relationship

Heightened Productivity

No one wants to let down a boss they truly respect. Satisfied employees aim to please, so they work hard to do their best for the company. You can count on them to reach peak productivity every day, because they’re invested in their jobs and want to help the business thrive. Don’t be surprised when these efficient workers start coming up with ideas to streamline processes and procedures, suggest cost-saving initiatives, and volunteer to learn new skills to get even better at their jobs.

Deeper Loyalty

From an employee’s perspective, working for a boss who takes the time to get to know them is special. Most of your employees have probably had at least one job where they felt like just a number. Having an employer who acknowledges them as a person and recognizes their accomplishments is really special. Consequently, you can expect higher retention rates, because employees know they have a good thing going.

Happier Work Environment

As the boss, you set the tone for the company culture. By investing time to build a solid employee-employer relationship, you make it clear mutual respect is a must. As a result, staffers will treat each other well, and fewer conflicts will erupt. Employees working together in harmony makes for a very pleasant work environment.

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