If you’ve been a manager for a while now, you’re probably quite comfortable in your role. Being confident in your abilities is great, but that doesn’t mean you can stop learning and growing.

The workforce is constantly evolving, so the most effective bosses realize the need to adjust their management style accordingly. You won’t resonate with your team if you’re stuck in a different era.

  1. You Resist Change at All Costs

Change keeps the business world moving forward, but you’re not having it. Instead of shifting accordingly, you prefer to stay in your comfort zone. Employees often complain they’re wasting time on unnecessary tasks and are forced to complete assignments the hard way, but you write their complaints off as laziness.

The truth is, refusing to open your mind to change is holding your team back. Innovation is the key to lasting success, so update your processes and procedures regularly. Your employees will able to accomplish more, in less time, allowing the team to enjoy a greater level of success.

  1. Employees Don’t Like You

In the past, managers used to be intimidating figures who spent most of their time locked away in a corner office. Fear kept employees working hard, because no one wanted to endure the wrath of their angry boss.

If you’re still trying to maintain an image of the stern, aloof boss, it’s probably not working too well for you. Modern employees respond much better to friendly, approachable managers who genuinely care about them. People work a lot harder to impress a boss they respect, than one they don’t.

  1. You Put Your Own Success First

In another era, managers often took credit for great work completed by employees. In turn, staffers stayed in the boss’ good graces. It doesn’t work like that anymore.

No one wants to work for a manager only interested in their own advancement. To be a successful leader, you have to put your team’s needs ahead of your own. Employees are inspired by managers who lift them up, which motivates them to give their all to the job.

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