If you hate your job, you’re not alone. The first step towards finding career satisfaction is admitting you need to make a change. You’ve been in a funk for a while now, so do yourself a favor and acknowledge what’s blatantly obvious to everyone around you.

7 Signs You Don’t Like Your Job       

  1. You Spend Most of the Day Staring at the Clock

It’s a problem when you start counting the hours until you can go home as soon as you walk into the office. When your eyes are glued to the clock, the day drags on, but you just can’t help yourself.

  1. The Mere Thought of Work Puts You in a Bad Mood

Even when you’re not at work, you’re thinking — and talking — about how much you hate your job. It’s gotten so bad that instead of enjoying Sundays, all you can do is stress about having to go back to work on Monday.

  1. You’ve Stopped Trying

There was a time when you valued your job and worked hard to make a great impression. Now a distant memory, these days you do the bare minimum not to get fired.

  1. Nothing About Your Job Feels Satisfying

When you try to focus on the positives of your job, you come up empty. The work is so ungratifying, that even if you do something really well, it still doesn’t make you happy.

  1. You Can’t Stand Your Boss and/or Colleagues

Forget showing up at an after-work happy hour, because you can scarcely tolerate your colleagues during work hours. The same goes for your boss — you barely even bother trying to be pleasant anymore.

  1. Getting a New Job Is All You Think About

You spend most of your day wishing you had a different job — any job. In fact, you often daydream about getting up from your desk and never coming back.

  1. You’re Constantly Sick

Generally speaking, you’re a very healthy person. Despite that, you’ve been sick all the time lately. This isn’t surprising, because stress takes a major toll on the body, which can weaken your immune system.

How to Cope With Hating Your Job

Work is a huge part of your life, so you can’t continue on this path. First, try to pinpoint exactly what it is about your job that you hate so much. This will help you determine if it’s a problem that could possibly be remedied or if you need to move on.

If there might be a solution — e.g., you’re bored, you feel you’re not compensated fairly — talk to your boss and see if something can be done. On the other hand, if this job is never going to make you happy, it’s time to cut your losses and start looking for another opportunity. In the meantime, keep your chin up and try to have a positive attitude.

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