Traditionally, job interviews involve one candidate and anywhere from one to a few company representatives. All eyes are on the person interviewing for the job, as the recruiter, hiring manager and maybe a few potential colleagues grill the candidate to see if they’re the right fit for the job. However, a new trend of group interviewing is gaining traction among employers, so you might want to consider switching your technique.

Designed to show how candidates react to unique situations, group interviewing is the practice of interviewing people vying for the similar jobs together. In this type of interview, candidates join forces to solve hypothetical issues and complete group activities. Interviewers carefully observe each person’s soft skills, while also posing individual questions to gauge their overall fit for the job.

When used appropriately, group interviews can simplify the process of choosing the best candidates for the team. Find out if this approach should be used to find your next employees.

3 Reasons to Consider Group Interviews

  1. Job(s) Require Significant Customer Interaction

Employees in customer-facing jobs hold the reputation of your business in their hands, so you need to know they won’t let you down. Group interviews are a great way to see how they interact with others, because if a candidate becomes easily frustrated or irritable during a job interview, this is a clear indicator of how they’ll treat your customers.

  1. Teamwork is a Huge Part of the Job(s)

Some people aren’t team players, so they shouldn’t hold jobs that require significant interaction with colleagues. Group interviews provide a glimpse at how candidates would work as part of a team. This is especially helpful considering those hired will actually be working closely together. This provides a golden opportunity to spot anyone who has trouble communicating, wants to do everything their own way or tries to take credit for group accomplishments — not a wise choice for a job heavy on teamwork.

  1. You’re Filling a Lot of Positions at Once

If you’re starting a new business or undergoing a major expansion in an existing one, group interviews can speed up the hiring process, without sacrificing quality. You get to assess multiple candidates at the same time, instead of drawing out the process with individual meetings. Since you’ll get a strong feel for the person’s cultural fit, you can feel confident in your decision, instead of worrying about the consequences of hiring in haste.

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