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If your job doesn’t make you happy, and a similar position at another company won’t resolve this, it’s time to change course. Maybe you’re tired of the field you’ve been working in for decades or you only entered the realm a few years ago, but it hasn’t lived up to your expectations — either way, you should move on if you don’t feel fulfilled.

Follow this advice to successfully transition from a career that doesn’t satisfy you to one that makes you feel fulfilled each and every day.

  1. Avoid Acting on Impulse

After being miserable in your job for as long as you can remember, making the decision to chance course is beyond exciting. You’re probably tempted to submit your resignation letter immediately, so you can focus exclusively on the next chapter of your career, but impulse decisions rarely end well. Finding a new job always takes time — especially when you’re moving into an entirely new career — and you still need to pay the bills. Stay put for the time being and use your free time to work toward the next step.

  1. Assess Your Transferrable Skills

Starting over in a new career doesn’t necessarily mean you need to settle for an entry-level position. You already have a host of valuable skills, so inventory them to determine which ones will transfer to your new role. For example, if you’re currently a customer service rep and you want to work in IT, use your detail-oriented nature, excellent listening skills and ability to work as part of a team to sell yourself to potential employers.

  1. Make an Actionable Plan

Figure out what skills you need to learn to be a competitive candidate and create a plan to acquire them. This may involve heading back to school to earn another degree, enrolling in a certification program or finding a volunteer role of a similar nature to help you gain real-world experience. Attach a deadline to this step to create a sense of urgency, so you don’t procrastinate. Boosting your credentials is a huge part of executing a successful career change, so get this done as soon as possible, so you can start searching for jobs.

  1. Don’t Give Up When the Going Gets Rough

Career changes aren’t easy, but don’t become discouraged when you encounter a setback. Know you’ll face many challenges throughout the process, but nothing is too much for you to overcome. Charge through every roadblock that comes your way, and when you land the job you’ve always wanted, success will be even sweeter.

Ready to finally make the career change you’ve been dreaming about for years? Contact PrideStaff North Dallas. We know transitioning to a new career is a huge move, and we’re here to help you find professional fulfillment with one of the Dallas area’s top employers.

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