Mentoring programs are typically put in place to transfer knowledge from seasoned employees to their less-established counterparts, but these arrangements are often mutually beneficial. Serving as a mentor can be an incredibly valuable experience for your long-time staffers, allowing them to learn and grow right along with their mentee.

If you’re thinking about establishing a mentoring program at your company, you probably already know the benefits for the mentee, but the relationship can also enrich the mentor in many ways, including these three.

  1. Enhance Leadership and Coaching Skills

Working one-on-one with a junior-level employee is a golden opportunity to improve a mentor’s ability to lead. Many employees work their way up the ladder without serving in a managerial role, so after spending years in the workforce, they still don’t know how to be an effective coach. Mentoring is a low-pressure way to develop these skills, allowing them to become a more effective leader.

  1. Heighten Level of Job Satisfaction

Serving as a mentor is an honor and a confidence booster, as it recognizes established professionals as subject matter experts. After holding the same position for many years, taking on this role can breathe fresh life into a job that has become a bit mundane. It’s very exciting and rewarding for a mentor to be able to share their knowledge with less-experienced employees, allowing them to feel like they’re contributing to the development of the next generation.

  1. Gain New Prospectives

The transfer of knowledge in a mentoring program isn’t a one-way street — mentees also have valuable lessons to share with their more established counterparts. From the ability to teach tech-challenged mentors how to use new digital platforms to offering insights on different departments in the company, mentees can broaden the horizons of their mentors, effectively expanding their skill sets and helping them do their job better.

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