When dealing with a tough and unpredictable business world, you need a team that rolls with the punches. You never know what challenges next week or next month will bring, so it’s important to have a staff of tough employees who can handle any challenge that comes their way. Not only are these people more productive employees who produce better results, they don’t back down during periods filled with change, tough times and immense pressure.

Use these five tips to turn your staff into a resilient force that won’t be stopped.

  1. Empower People to Make Decisions

It’s hard to move forward when no one feels confident enough to make a decision. If your team always looks to you for the final say, they won’t be able to function if you’re not there to hold their hands. Change this by providing people with the information needed to make a choice and letting them take it from there.

  1. Create a Flexible Work Environment

You may think your rigid work environment maximizes efficiency, but too much structure can be your downfall. Flexibility is synonymous with resilience, so if your staffers can’t function without strict rules and a set-in-stone schedule, chaos will ensue if you ever need to switch things up. Combat this by easing up on your team, allowing them more flexibility on everything from work hours to working conditions.

  1. Make Change Something Positive

The business world is constantly changing, so if you don’t adapt accordingly, your company won’t be around for too long. Consequently, it’s important to teach your team to embrace change, instead of fearing it. Help them learn to accept and even welcome new initiatives by keeping them in the loop. When new beginnings that impact everyone are on the horizon, gather your staff together immediately to discuss the change, answer questions and explain why this change will make the organization better.

  1. Cross-Train Your Team

There’s probably many instances on your team where only one person knows how to compete an essential task. So far, this may not have been a problem, but this is a disaster waiting to happen. If the person quits or is out of the office when you need to complete the task, you’re completely out of luck. Cross-training makes your staff much more resilient, because instead of coming to a halt waiting on one person, many people can step in and get the job done.

  1. Help Employees See the Big Picture

Maintaining momentum isn’t always easy, even for the hardest workers. Keep your employees looking forward by helping them see how their individual contributions contribute to the overall success of the organization. Often times, people become laser-focused on their own tasks and don’t get the opportunity to see what they’re helping build. For example, if your team is isolated in the corporate office, take them on a field trip to see their efforts in action on location.

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