Ever wondered what makes PrideStaff North Dallas so successful?


Dallas, Texas is bustling with staffing agencies. The market continues to grow, as does the staffing world supporting the demand. What has kept this team in business for more than 16 years, even through a national recession? What keeps clients and employees coming back to one of the Largest North Texas Women-Owned Businesses?

Maybe its just that.

Or maybe it’s the countless award trophies and plaques scattered throughout the office. Maybe it’s the “thank you” wall covered in cards that the team has collected over the years. Maybe it’s the relaxed atmosphere and smile that greets you every time you walk through the door.

What makes us different? You decide.


“What makes us different from other staffing agencies is just the way that we treat the people who come through our door.” 

Expect a smile, a laugh, an encouraging message. We won’t be shocked if you want to hang around for a bit.

“They immediately got me a job with a Fortune 500 company.” 

Our clients are the best. From small companies to large organizations, we are confident that our candidates will find the right fit for their career goals.

“They are so detailed and caring for everybody that works for them.” 

We love our employees, and greatly appreciate each individual’s efforts as they work with our clients. It also helps that we have rock star employees!



Can we help you toward your career goals? Can we help your business grow and improve by providing the necessary talent? Call or email us today.


Our Mission: Consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.

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