The Referral Program has once again gone full circle through employees and alumni.


Sarah Horton began her journey with PrideStaff North Dallas when her father worked with one of our clients four years ago. Sarah’s father referred her to the PrideStaff team, which led to her current position with AmerisourceBergen.


Sarah’s friend, Kyle was a college student looking to work toward a stable income and career. Sarah referred him to PrideStaff, and the team quickly went to work searching for a new opportunity. We connected Kyle with an office support role at Beal Bank, where he has now been for the last two months.


PrideStaff Financial Senior Staffing Consultant, Stephanie Wallick had the opportunity to visit AmerisourceBergen and award Sarah with a $100 check for her successful referral. What started as one father’s referral has led to two positions with great PrideStaff clients.


We are honored to have clients, employees, and alumni who send their friends and family to our team for career support. We have great employees, who in return refer great employees. At PrideStaff, it pays to have friends!


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