You have great ideas and incredible vision for the future, so you need use them to your advantage. Last month, we started this two-part series to help you become a leader. Hopefully, you’ve already gotten the process moving by putting the first three approaches we shared into action — making self-improvement a constant priority, finding solutions to problems and giving credit where it’s deserved.

Now it’s time to wrap things up with the final three ways to transform yourself as well-respected leader the rest of your team looks to for guidance.

Join the Conversation

Simply showing up to a meeting isn’t enough. If you want to be a leader, you need to actively participate in every conversation. Rather than holding back out of fear your ideas aren’t good enough, put yourself out there by speaking your mind. Sometimes your thoughts and opinions will be well-received, but even when they’re not, you’ll still be respected for contributing. At first, asserting yourself may feel a bit intimidating, but after a few times you’ll be a natural.

Stop Engaging in Workplace Gossip

If you’re prone to feeding the office rumor mill and getting into petty disagreements with colleagues, it’s time to put an end to these negative behaviors. To be viewed as an esteemed leader, you need to make a habit of taking the high road. This can be a challenge — especially when you naturally clash with a colleague or two — but you can’t expect to earn the respect of your peers if you behave like a child in front of them.

Focus on the Greater Good

The desire to boost your own career is innate, but if you’re constantly pushing your own agenda, people will see right through you. Instead of sharing ideas that will make your life easier or thrust you onto center stage, focus on those that benefit the organization as a whole. When people know you have everyone’s best interests at heart, you’ll earn their trust.

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