Now that you’ve been at your job for a few years, you’ve come to a crossroads. What was once a fulfilling, challenging role has become mundane. You spend much of your workday bored because you’ve accomplished every goal the job has to offer. As an ambitious person, you want to get out of this career rut as soon as possible, so the time has come to start searching for new opportunities.

Weigh Your Options

You know your current job isn’t working for you anymore, so now it’s time to figure out where you’re headed next. Make a list of ideas that interest you and do a little research to learn more about each one. Find out key information such as whether you would need additional training, average salary and job prospects in your area. Use LinkedIn to find professionals in the roles that interest you most and ask if you can meet with them for an informational interview.

Make Your Decision

Now that you’ve conducted extensive research on the matter, figure out which job interests you most and start preparing for it. If you need to boost your credentials, enroll in a training program or find a volunteer opportunity in a similar role to make yourself a more competitive candidate. Reach out to your network to see if anyone knows about any upcoming openings you might be interested in.

Talk to Your Boss

If you truly enjoy the company you work for and would rather not leave, consider sitting down with your boss and explaining your dilemma. Amazing employees like you are hard to come by, so it’s very possible they’ll promote you or create a new position for you, so you won’t be forced to leave. Even if things don’t work out that way, it’s always worth a try.

Find the Right Opportunity

You’re currently employed and earning a paycheck, so there’s no need to rush things if you decide to look for new opportunities outside your existing employer. Search online for openings, attend networking events, utilize your current contacts and consider working with a staffing firm to find the right fit.

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