Meet Amy Linn

Meet Amy Linn, the Strategic Partner who started it all. She followed her instinct 16 years ago, and created a business that has earned countless accolades and recognitions. Amy built the growing North Dallas office from the ground up, and she still looks forward to celebrating every team achievement (usually with champagne)! She loves her team, she loves her family, and she loves Walt Disney World. This business leader knows how to encourage her team, set big goals, and have a blast while doing it!


What were you doing before working with PrideStaff North Dallas? I have pretty much grown up at PrideStaff… I am home grown! Shortly after graduation from Arizona State University, I applied to PrideStaff for temporary work for the summer. I had already started the application process for my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, but needed to tackle some of my mounting student debt. The rest, as they say, is history! After working for the Mesa location for 18 months, staffing was in my blood! My husband and I decided to take the leap and move to Dallas to open the very first Franchise location in the market. 


What is your role with PrideStaff? As a Strategic Partner, my goal is to continue to find the very best resources for our team. Whether that be training opportunities, new recruiting tools, or streamlined processes that will continue to earn us “Best of Staffing” status!  


What is your favorite thing about working at PrideStaff? When we opened our business just over 16 years ago, I never imagined how rewarding building a team could be. I knew that I loved helping our clients with their business objectives, and providing our talent with the access to great career opportunities. However, what I love the most is our internal team.  Watching what happens when a group of engaged, dedicated people come together with a common goal is pure magic! Being a part of individuals’ personal and professional accomplishments is such an honor.


What is your Favorite PrideStaff memory? That is a tough one! There have been so many great memories through the years! Over the last few years we have had three team members reach milestone anniversaries. Stephanie Wallick and Mary Sisler celebrated 10 year anniversaries, and my business partner, Julie Vicic is about to celebrate 15 years. It’s hard to describe what a privilege that is. As our team continues to grow, I know we will have many more to celebrate in the years to come! 


Anything your clients and candidates may not know about you? I love celebrations and surprises – giving them that is! Every birthday, baby shower, graduation, anniversary, holiday, or accomplishment that I can find an excuse to surprise someone, I do! Even our annual holiday celebration, I keep a surprise from the team every year. Oh, and I love champagne… seems to go hand in hand with celebrations and surprises! And a celebration at Disney with my kids?! The best! 


Any awards or recognitions you’ve received? We were a Dallas Business Journal Best Places to Work finalist last year – What an honor that was! We have been named one of Dallas’ Largest Women Owned Businesses for the last decade. We have also earned Diamond Status in Best of Staffing! 


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