Meet Julie Vicic

Meet Julie Vicic, PrideStaff Strategic Partner. Julie is a leader to the PrideStaff team, and she loves to celebrate anytime a big moment happens within the office. She is one of those successful women who truly does it all – full time work, ballgames, ball practice (practically every sport that exists), fundraising, and some seriously amazing home cooking. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried some of Julie’s special recipes.

What were you doing before working with PrideStaff North Dallas? Before coming to PrideStaff, I worked in a busy real estate office while I completed my education at Texas A&M University (Go Aggies!). After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I had planned to continue my education in Industrial/Organizational Psychology as I honed my career in Human Resources.  However, at PrideStaff I quickly realized the unique education opportunity the staffing industry provides in exposure to a variety of philosophies on human capital and attracting and retaining top talent through the organizations that we partner with.  I honestly can’t believe it’s been almost 15 years! I’ve learned so much about people & business. 


What is your role with PrideStaff? As a Strategic-Partner, I work daily with our consultants and recruiters in polishing their skills; strategizing on the best possible solutions for identifying and retaining talent for our client companies based on the increasingly competitive market conditions. I also seek to identify additional resources and training for our team to be successful on behalf or our candidates & clients. 


What is your favorite thing about working at PrideStaff? It’s hard for me to choose a favorite, but working with an outstanding, driven, intelligent group of professionals trumps all my other favorites!  We truly have a fantastic team that cares about the individuals that they work with everyday – their coworkers, their employees, and their clients!  They are dedicated individuals, and a TON of fun! 


My second favorite is the unique impact we get to have in the work that we do.  We have been able to find employment for thousands of people, and I have watched clients succeed and grow from 10 employees to 200 employees because of the talented professionals we’ve been able to provide for them!  It is hard, but very rewarding work – the best kind in my book!


Anything your clients and candidates may not know about you? Fun facts about Julie… I love sing, but I’m terrible at it!  I love to cook, and I’m actually pretty good (at least according to my loved ones!).  I’m a passionate sports mom, and I can often be heard cheering over the crowds of parents at any Saturday morning baseball, basketball, or football game! I’ve been married for 12 years, and I have 8 & 10 year old boys!  Life is a blast, and I try to be intentional in finding the fun in every moment of it! 


Any awards or recognitions you’ve received? Over the last several years our office has been awarded with a number of honors including Office of the Year (4 times in the last 14 years!) and Best Places to Work in 2015.  But, the recognition that always means the most to me has come from my team, my business partner, and my family. 


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