Your Interview Follow-Up Email Should Include These Three Things

Now that your job interview is over, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief. All your research and preparation paid off and you feel like you made a great impression. Though the hardest part of the process is over, your work is not quite done yet. Now it’s time to write a personalized follow-up “thank you” email to each person who interviewed you.

Time is of the essence, so this email should be sent within 24 hours of your interview. Many hiring managers take the “thank you” email very seriously, so if yours isn’t sent promptly, you may eliminate yourself from the running.

3 Things to Include in Your Follow-Up Email

Your follow-up email should make a very powerful statement in a few brief paragraphs. Be sure to cover these three points:

  1. Humble Gratitude. The hiring manager is a very important person with a busy schedule, who took precious time out of their day to interview you. Start the letter off with a sincere “thank you” for this gesture and explain how much you enjoyed the meeting. No one wants to work with someone who feels entitled, so this is a great way to show humility.
  2. Key Selling Points. Most likely, you’re one of many candidates interviewing for the job, so it’s always helpful to reiterate a few of the main points from your discussion, to make sure the person remembers exactly who you are and why you’re a great fit. Make it clear that your interest in the job has only increased after visiting the office and learning more about the position.
  3. Added Clarification. If you’re like most adults, job interviews make you more than a little nervous. If you left the meeting wishing you would’ve given a better response to one of the questions or realized you forgot to mention a skill or experience that could help move the decision in your favor, this is your chance to circle back and tie things up.

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