Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the days are getting longer, so clearly spring is in the air! When everything around you is fresh and new, there’s no better time to take inventory and make sure you’re not holding on to things — or staff members — that are holding your company back.

Letting employees go is never fun, but it’s often the best move for everyone. If an employee isn’t thriving at your company, you need to give them the chance to find another job that’s a better fit. Plus, it’s impossible for your business to reach its full potential if you don’t have all the right people in all the right places.

3 Reasons to Let Staff Members Go This Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t always fun, but when you’re done, you get to enjoy a huge feeling of satisfaction. Assess your staff and if any fall into these three categories, you know what you have to do.

Poor Cultural Fit

When making a hiring decision, it’s often very difficult to determine whether or not an employee will fit into your company culture. Just as important as finding the right skills fit, when a person doesn’t mesh with the rest of your team, it’s awkward and uncomfortable for your entire staff. Do everyone a favor and cut ties with employees whose values and practices don’t align with those of your organization.

Subpar Performance Level

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you have an employee who has been consistently falling below expectations for a long time, it’s time to cut ties. Your company is a great place to work and anyone who doesn’t feel inspired enough to put forth 100% effort shouldn’t be on your team. Stop letting this person hold your hardworking staff back and replace them with someone who truly wants to be there.

Redundant Job Function

It’s always rough when you have a great employee who you just don’t need on staff. Whether you were too quick to give the position a permanent spot on your roster, or the need for the job faded out over time, there’s no need to waste a talented person’s time — and your money — by keeping them around just because you like them.

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