When you hate your job, every workday seems to drag on forever. Whether you’re bored, treated poorly by your manager or just don’t fit into the company culture, you’re far too talented to be stuck somewhere that makes you miserable.

It’s time to take control of your career and finally find a new job. Instead of simply looking through job postings to see who’s hiring, make a list of companies you’d like to work for. Anyone can find a job at a random company, but an ambitious person like you shouldn’t settle.

3 Ways to Be a Proactive Job Seeker

Use these three strategies to become a proactive job seeker willing to go the extra mile to get your dream job.

Request Informational Interviews

Reach out to someone in a role similar to yours at the organizations you’re interested in working for and ask if you can come in for an informational interview. Most people will be happy to accommodate you. Use the meeting to ask questions about how the person got to this point in their career, what it takes to get hired by the company and learn more about what it’s like to work there.

Gaining this key information from a company insider can be extremely helpful to your job search and you’ll make a valuable new contact. Don’t be surprised if the person gives you a call when a job opens up that matches your qualifications.

Ask for Referrals

Who you know can have a huge influence on your future at a company. According to Jobvite, 39.9% of new hires are brought in by employee referral programs. Do everything you can to find a connection at each of the companies you’re interested in and ask that person to refer you. If don’t know anyone, use LinkedIn to find a shared connection.

Pitch Yourself to Prospective Employers

Reactive job seekers wait for positions to be posted before applying, but you already know what you want, so go for it. Conduct extensive research on each of the companies that sparked your interest see what they’re missing — that you coincidentally have to offer — and send an email to both the hiring manager and the generic HR address. The former may take some detective work and it’s okay to use LinkedIn if you can’t find an actual email address.

There’s a good chance your directness and enthusiasm will impress the hiring manager and you’ll be invited in for a meeting, even if the company doesn’t have the budget to for an extra employee right now. Of course, if you happen to time it right and a job was about to be posted, you’ll definitely have an advantage on the other candidates.

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