Meet Victoria Burke

Meet Victoria Dover, PrideStaff Staffing Consultant. Planning to travel the world anytime soon? Take a scuba trip in an exotic location? Spend a Saturday watching a marathon of classic movies? Victoria will gladly join!



What were you doing before working with PrideStaff North Dallas? Before PrideStaff I was a Rhetorical Communications Major at the University of North Texas. I graduated with open options and full belief that I would find the right position. I applied to jobs like crazy and went on any interview that I could get- even if I knew it wasn’t going to be the right job for me. It was all about the learning experience!  When PrideStaff had contacted me, I truly had never heard of a Staffing Company before.  The PrideStaff recruiter was so inviting and warm on the phone, which made this one of the few interviews I was actually looking forward to! I knew from the moment I stepped through the doors that I was home.  I’m super lucky to have joined the PrideStaff team!  They took a chance on me as a recent college graduate, and I’m forever thankful.


What is your role with PrideStaff? Staffing Consultant. On a daily basis I interview candidates, match candidates with current job openings, and recruit for new employees.  I also help to manage the employee relations for those who are on assignments.  I always say that even though we aren’t there with our employees every day, we want to be involved. We truly treat their assignments as an opportunity to consult/advise them during their career.  I also manage some of our client accounts, and assist with their business development.


What is your favorite thing about working at PrideStaff? That’s hard to choose! Truthfully, it’s the people at PrideStaff. Everyone is very encouraging of one another; we have a very positive internal culture.  Management truly wants to develop each person individually, and they have an open door for any questions or concerns. I have a very collaborative relationship with my office; we work together to achieve business and personal successes.  We have a lot of fun too. 🙂


What is your Favorite PrideStaff memory? My favorite memory is the 2015 PrideStaff Annual Conference in Dallas, immediately after we won ‘Office of the Year.’ We were mingling in the hotel lobby, and PrideStaff team members from across the nation were constantly coming up to congratulate us. I felt like a celebrity! That moment truly solidified how lucky I was to work in an office like ours. I looked around at my co-workers; everyone was excited but extremely gracious. It was magical to be a part of the special celebration.


Anything your clients and candidates may not know about you? Oh, let’s see… Here are a few!  1. I am an eighth cousin of the Wright Brothers, and my grandfather has a family tree to prove it!  2. I have been scuba certified since I was 12!  There are some great places I’ve visited and stories I share whenever I get a chance. 3. I’m a HUGE movie buff.  I grew up going to the movies at least once a weekend (sometimes twice) with my dad, and it stuck through to adulthood.  I’m your “go-to” for most actor or movie trivia.


Any awards or recognitions you’ve received? I feel truly touched when employees or clients give me a ‘shout out’ during our NPS quarterly survey – that is such an award!  We work with people on a daily basis, helping them through their highs and lows, so it’s great to not only have someone take the time out of their day to complete a survey, but it’s truly special to have someone acknowledge your partnership. Those NPS scores and shout outs are my motivation because they are a direct impact from our office’s hard work.  Each individual shout out is also an office shout out, and we rock! 🙂






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