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Happy New Year! Now that 2016 has officially begun, it’s time to create a few resolutions to help make it your best year yet. As a hiring manager, there’s nothing more frustrating than choosing the wrong person to join your team. Make this problem a thing of the past by vowing to change a few key aspects of your hiring process.

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Hiring Managers

Incorporate these three New Year’s resolutions into your interview process to hire only the very best people in 2016.

Don’t Skip the Reference Check

When you’re about to hire a candidate, contacting their references may seem like an unnecessary formality, but you absolutely cannot afford to skip this step. A person’s references can speak to their character, work ethic and level of expertise. Not taking the time to perform this relatively simple, yet massively important, due diligence is just plain irresponsible. There’s a much smaller chance you’ll regret your hiring decision if you thoroughly vet your top choice.

Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

You only meet candidates a few times — or maybe even once — before you have to make a hiring decision, so it’s important to ask questions that dig deep. Those resulting in a mere “yes” or “no” won’t help you really get to know the person, so you need to ask thought-provoking questions that reveal their true fit for the job. Behavioral interview questions like “Explain how you’ve handled a difficult client in the past” or “Describe a time when you didn’t see eye-to-eye with a colleague” can help you determine whether or not they would thrive as part of your team.

Take the Time to Find the Right Person

It’s always frustrating to receive a resignation letter, especially when you weren’t expecting it. Instead of rushing to fill the position as quickly as possible, try your best to slow things down a bit and not hire the first seemingly qualified candidate. When you hire in haste, you’re much more likely to overlook glaring issues that would likely cause you to disqualify the person in a larger candidate pool. If you’re worried about being short-staffed in the interim, hire a temporary worker to fill the gap until you’ve found the best fit.

Get a strong start to 2016 by hiring the right people to fill your open positions. Contact PrideStaff Dallas to find the best person for the job every time. We’ll work closely with you to create a customized staffing plan that meets your unique needs.

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