Improve Your Job Listings in 2016

December is a great time enjoy the holiday season, reflect on the past 12 months and start looking ahead to the new year. If the caliber of job applicants you received in 2015 is one of the things you’d like to improve, figure out what you’re doing wrong now, so you can make a fresh start in January. A few simple fixes to your job descriptions might be all it takes to attract the top quality candidates your company needs to thrive.

4 Ways to Improve Your Job Postings

Follow these four tips to create engaging job postings that make people want to join your team:

Update Job Descriptions

When an employee quits, you’re probably in a mad rush to get their job posted, so you can fill the position as quickly as possible. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop to update the description. Jobs evolve with time, so the position you’re marketing now may be very different than it was the last time it was vacant five years ago. Attract the right candidates by selling the right job.

Get Specific

Job postings containing 700 to 2,000 words get an average of 30% more replies, according to Top talent doesn’t have time to waste exploring vague descriptions, so clearly define the responsibilities associated with the position. Be honest about your expectations for the chosen candidate, clearly explain the day-to-day responsibilities and include the minimum requirements needed for consideration.

Use Normal Descriptors

In recent years, many companies have started using buzzwords like “ninja” and “unicorn” in their job descriptions, but these vague terms just cause confusion and push the position to the bottom of search results. If you’re hiring an administrative assistant, make things easy by referring to the job by its standard title.

Highlight Company Culture

The savviest candidates know that company culture is just as important as a good skills fit. Include an overview of your work environment and what motivates your team to succeed. This will inspire the right person to submit their application and may effectively deter those that wouldn’t be a good fit anyway.

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