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Can you believe we’re already in the fourth quarter of 2015!?

Fall is in full swing and the holiday season is just around the corner! The year is winding to a close, but it certainly isn’t over yet. This is a great time to gather your team together and discuss the progress you’ve made towards reaching your annual goals.

It’s important to know where you stand, so you can gauge whether or not you need to ramp up production levels to meet the objectives you set at the beginning of the year. No one likes to work extra hours over the holidays, so figure out where you stand now, while there’s still plenty of time to catch up — if necessary.

3 Tips to Finish 2015 Strong

Not quite sure if your company is slated to meet the goals you set earlier in the year? Use these three tips to get back on track:

Revisit the Goals You Set Earlier in the Year

Can’t quite remember what objectives you set in January? Don’t worry, priorities often change, causing you to shift your attention in another direction. Simply dust your list off and see what you had planned for 2015. Some of these aims may still make sense, but there’s a good chance others will have become obsolete.

Assess the Progress You’ve Made

Gauge how far you’ve come since the beginning of the year. It’s important to know where you stand, whether you’re far ahead of where you thought you’d be at this point or lagging behind. If you’re facing the former, it’s time to celebrate, but if the latter is more your current reality, you’ll need to figure out what roadblocks have been standing in your way, so you can overcome them.

Adjust Your Game Plan As Needed

If your objectives still make sense, keep them, but if they don’t, create a new list to guide you through the remaining months of the year. There’s nothing wrong with charting a new course if you’ve changed direction since January, when you set your goals. Figure out what you need to do in the fourth quarter to finish the year with a number of accomplishments under your belt that make you feel proud.

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