First impressions are everything — even over email. If you’ve found a fantastic job posting with an email address for resume submissions, you need to include an enticing introductory message. This email is the very first thing the hiring manager will see, so if it falls flat, they may automatically hit the delete button.

Learn how to write a dynamite message that intrigues the hiring manager and makes them excited to open your resume.

Writing a Great Introductory Email

If you think the introductory message doesn’t hold any weight, you’re in for a rude awakening. Follow these four tips to get it right.

Personalize It

Most job descriptions don’t include the name of the hiring manager, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find it. Use the Internet to conduct a little crafty research to see if you can find the person’s name. Addressing the message to “Dear Hiring Manager” is technically acceptable, but it will do nothing to help you stand out.

Don’t Use a Template

At minimum, hiring managers read dozens of introductory emails for each open position, so they recognize a template when they see one. It’s completely underwhelming to know that a candidate is copying and pasting the same message in the body of every email. Make a great impression by writing a completely unique note to each person.

Focus on the Company

Hiring managers aren’t interested in what a job at their company can do for your career, so instead, focus on what you can do for their organization. Briefly explain why your skillset would make you the ideal choice for the position and share any relevant past experience to back your assertions up.

Keep it Short

Think of your message as an elevator pitch of sorts. No one has time to read a novel, so if your email contains more than a few paragraphs, your key points will get lost in the mix. There’s a good chance the hiring manager will be quickly skimming it over, so make the content easy to digest by structuring it with short paragraphs and bullet points.

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