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If you’ve been searching for a new job for awhile now, you’re probably feeling a bit discouraged. This process can be very trying, as constantly receiving rejection letters is difficult for even the most confident person. It may be time to closely examine your job search technique to see if it’s holding you back.

5 Bad Job Search Habits You Need to Break

If any of these five bad job search habits sound familiar, you need to make a change immediately:

  1. Using a Generic Resume: In the past, it was perfectly acceptable to submit the same generic resume for every position you applied for, but that is no longer the case. These days, employers expect to see a resume that’s tailored to fit the job. Many companies use software to scan resumes for keywords prior to reviewing them, so if yours doesn’t contain a high enough percentage, it will likely never even make it to the hiring manager’s desk.
  2. Failing to Censor Your Social Media Posts: Are your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts set to private? If so, you’re probably fine. If not, it’s important to make sure you’re only posting content you’d be comfortable with your boss seeing. Companies conduct background checks on candidates, so you better believe they’re looking at everything you post online. If your content exhibits poor taste, that’s probably why you aren’t getting hired.
  3. Only Searching for Jobs by Title: In most cases, job titles mean very little. For example, the responsibilities of a business analyst could completely differ from one company to the next. You’re seriously limiting your options — and possibly throwing your career off track — by only considering positions with one specific title. Instead, search for jobs based on your skills and the responsibilities you’d like to have in a new position.
  4. Relying Solely on the Internet: The Internet is only one aspect of a successful job search. It’s also important to get out and network, so you can make valuable connections who might be able to help. Join professional organizations, reconnect with former colleagues and let your friends and family know you’re trying to find a new job. People trust recommendations from their network, so it’s often these types of connections that can mean the most.
  5. Pushing Yourself too Hard: It’s easy to let a job search consume your life, but that won’t help you get hired any faster. Only so many positions are posted each day, so constantly looking for new opportunities to apply for will lead to nothing but exhaustion. Allow yourself to take one day off from your search entirely each week and designate set times for these activities during the rest of the week.

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