Weekly meetings are a great time to get your staff together and discuss what everyone is currently working on and everything in store for the week ahead. If done properly, this time can be very productive. However, many meetings end up being a colossal waste of time due to poor planning.

Follow These 7 Tips to Be More Effective in Meetings

Your team is very busy and they don’t have time to waste. Make your meetings more productive by following these seven tips:

  1. Create an Agenda: Help attendees prepare for the meeting by writing an agenda and sending it out at least one day before the meeting. This ensures that everyone will come with fresh ideas to brainstorm together for new projects and be ready to give status updates on existing ones.
  2. Double Check the Guest List: Carefully review the invite list to make sure everyone really needs to be there. Having extra people in the room doesn’t add value, it simply makes the meeting last longer.
  3. Start on Time: It’s inevitable that all attendees won’t show up on time. Don’t waste everyone’s time waiting for stragglers. Begin promptly and bring latecomers up to speed afterwards.
  4. Stay on Track: It’s easy to get distracted and start talking about the weekend or other personal matters, but this won’t help you achieve your objectives. If conversation starts to veer off-topic, bring it right back to the agenda.
  5. Make Everyone Stand Up: No one really wants to stand for long periods of time, so keep people on their toes (literally) by holding a standing meeting. This is a great way to increase efficiency and ensure no time is wasted.
  6. Prohibit Tech Devices: In theory, people bring their iPads and laptops to meetings to take notes, but it doesn’t always go that way. Look around the room and you’ll probably just see people surfing the Internet and checking their email. Get people to focus by checking tech devices at the door.
  7. Take Minutes: Take notes to keep record of all action items from the meeting. Send them to all attendees afterwards as a way to follow-up with everyone on the next steps.

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