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Are you starting to feel like your very talented team is less-than-engaged? If so, you might be the problem. If you’ve made a habit of micromanaging your employees, they’re probably feeling frustrated. You’ve put in the effort to hire the very best people, so now it’s time to trust them to do their jobs.

Micromanaging can be a difficult practice to break. As a loyal manager or a dedicated company owner, you care deeply about the organization. No matter how well-meaning your intentions are, your constant hovering is hindering the success of your employees. It’s impossible to achieve professional development when they’re not able to do anything of merit on their own.

5 Ways to Stop Micromanaging

Need a little help ditching your micromanaging habit? Use these five tips to make a change for the better.

  1. Learn to Delegate Effectively: There’s a very good chance you can’t delegate or at least don’t know how to do it properly. Effective delegation involves properly preparing the employee to do the assignment and allowing them to learn by doing. Plus, you need to assign tasks that are interesting and important, not just those that are easy and mundane.
  2. Ask Questions: When team members come to you with questions, turn the tables and ask for their opinions. This is a great way to gain a new prospective and focus on using another person’s ideas for once. Remember, doing things your way isn’t always the best option.
  3. Let People Make Mistakes: As long as it won’t be detrimental to your company, you need to let people fail sometimes. It’s very difficult to learn and grow from someone else’s errors, so give your team the freedom to try things their own way.
  4. Make Expectations Clear: Regularly remind your team of shared goals and company standards, to ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s much easier to trust people to work independently when you know they’re well aware of your expectations.
  5. Request Feedback: Find out how your efforts to stop micromanaging are working by periodically asking how you’re doing. Take the results seriously, and if necessary, use them to adjust your strategy to further reduce your controlling habits.

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