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Whether you realize it or not, your company is filled with creative employees. These people have all kinds of great ideas that can help your organization achieve a competitive advantage, but you may be inadvertently hindering their creativity. Your company culture could actually be causing your team members to feel restricted, ultimately keeping them from achieving their full potential.

Not only does suppressing creativity threaten the future success of your business, it also leads to major employee discontent. Take advantage of all your team members have to offer, so they don’t take their great ideas to another company that appreciates them.

4 Ways to Promote Creativity in the Workplace

Afraid you might be hindering employee creativity? Turn this around by incorporating these four practices into your workplace:

Encourage Collaboration

Even the most creative workers can only get so far when working alone. You hired your employees because they have complementary skills that allow them to function as a great team. Encourage people to collaborate on projects by creating an open floor plan or offering up conference rooms, making it easy to work together.

Create a Positive Work Environment

It’s difficult to get inspired when spending every day in a super serious office, where everyone seems to be on edge. Allow your employees to have a bit of fun during work, to create a relaxed vibe that fosters creativity. When flexibility in thinking is encouraged, people feel more comfortable thinking outside-the-box.

Offer Generous Paid Time Off

Do you make it easy for your team members to use their vacation days? All too often people hold onto their time off, because they’re either not allowed to take it or they’re afraid to ask. Employees need time away from the office to clear their minds and get inspired. Creativity doesn’t happen when your team members are suffering from burnout.

Make it Okay to Fail

Employees often feel intimidated by putting themselves out there and taking a risk. If people are afraid they’ll be punished or even fired if their ideas fall flat, they’re always going to stay on the conservative side. Avoid stifling creativity by celebrating those who aren’t afraid to take a chance on an innovative idea. When your team sees it’s okay to fail, as long as you try your hardest, they’ll be more willing to share their unique visions.

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