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Often times, companies invite candidates to a phone interview during the first round of screenings. This is an effective way to save time and money, by only bringing the most promising candidates into the office for a second round of interviews. While the setting for a phone interview is undeniably more casual than an in-person meeting, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken just as seriously.

4 Ways to Improve Your Phone Interview Skills

Getting ready for an upcoming phone interview? Make a great impression by following these four techniques:

Prepare in Advance

Just as you would with a traditional job interview, it’s important to formulate responses to commonly asked questions, so you’re not caught off guard. Phone interviews are typically shorter than those conducted in-person, so you’ll need to have a reply ready that gets right to the point.

Choose a Quiet Spot

If you have kids, pets or roommates, your home is probably filled with loud, fun energy. While may be great most of the time, you need a quiet place to conduct your interview. You won’t make a good impression if you have to keep asking the interviewer to speak louder or repeat themselves. Find a silent part of your home, ask everyone not to disturb you and shut the door for the duration of the meeting.

Dress Professionally

This may sound pointless, as the interviewer can’t see what you’re wearing, but looking good helps increase your confidence. Wearing professional attire helps you get into the interview mindset no matter where you’re taking the call.

Convey Your Enthusiasm

Hiring managers want someone who is excited about the opportunity of being chosen for the position. However, it can be very difficult to express your enthusiasm over the phone. Combat this issue by standing during the interview. This savvy technique enhances the quality of your voice and helps to ease your nerves, allowing you to sound eager about the potential of working for the company.

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