It’s important to hire wisely, because your employees have the ability to make or break the success of your entire organization. At PrideStaff North Dallas, we’re proud to provide you with helpful HR tips throughout the year. We firmly believe
that your employees are your greatest asset, so you must make careful hiring decisions and provide a positive work environment where your people can thrive.

We’ve compiled a list of our top three HR posts of 2014, as a way to wind the year down and re-emphasize information we believe is invaluable. Take a look at the three pieces of advice below and incorporate them into your 2015 HR strategy:

Is Your Top Candidate Your Best Candidate?

Many candidates look great on paper but don’t have what it takes to be a valuable asset to your organization in the long run. It’s important to assess a person’s overall fit for your company, rather than solely focusing on their skills and experience. Remember, skills can be learned but personality traits cannot, so don’t settle for the candidate with the most impressive resume without giving other competitive applicants a chance to prove themselves.

Are You Missing Top Talent Because of Your Hiring Process?

Your hiring process is supposed to help you choose the best person for the job, but yours may be doing the exact opposite. If you’re not working to impress candidates, posting unclear job descriptions, taking forever to make a hiring decision or failing to offer fair compensation, you’re effectively turning away top talent. The best and brightest candidates can find work at any company, so you need to put some effort into attracting them.

Motivating Your Staff to Increase Productivity

If you’ve become increasingly frustrated with a staff of talented-yet-unmotivated employees, it’s time to stimulate greatness. Sometimes it takes an extra push to inspire your team to reach their potential. Increase productivity by setting goals, offering monetary incentives and providing perks to make employees feel valued and get them excited to come to work each day.

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