If you’re about to embark on your first job search in awhile, be prepared ─ things have changed a lot! Job search trends come and go, so it’s important to ensure you’re keeping up with the latest standard practices. The techniques you were Revamping Your Job Search in 2014using years ago might have landed you a great job then, but will cause you to be quickly passed up now.

5 Outdated Job Search Tips

Getting ready to head back into the candidate selection pool? Avoid using the following five outdated practices at all costs:

Believing It’s Okay Not to Personalize.

Once upon a time it was acceptable to submit the same resume and generic cover letter for every position. However, this has changed. Hiring managers now expect your resume and cover letter to be tailored for each specific job. While this does require more work, it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

Making Your Resume One Page.

While you don’t want to include unnecessary information, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a two-page resume if you’re a seasoned professional. Share your relevant experience and accomplishments without trying to decrease font size and increase page margins.

Waiting for the Right Opportunity.

Sitting around waiting for the right job opportunity won’t get you anywhere. If you want to move ahead in your career you have to take the initiative to make a change. Get your name out there by networking, joining professional organizations and constantly searching for your next big break.

Refusing to Post Your Personal Information Online.

This is still true to an extent ─ don’t publish your home address online or other confidential details online. However, it is important to maintain an updated LinkedIn profile, a personal website and an active social media presence, which does require you to put a certain amount of information in the public sphere.

Mentioning References on Your Resume.

It was once a common practice to write the words “references available upon request” on your resume. Conversely, this is no longer the case. Hiring managers know you have references that you will submit if asked, so don’t waste this valuable space on your resume.

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