Video Transcript 

An inside look at a typical day at PrideStaff North Dallas, starring Tori, Jody, Amanda and Mary.

Tori: Jody, your interview is here

Jody: Ugh, I’m still working on payroll!!!
Tori: He’s been waiting a few minutes… Just wanted to let you know

Amanda: Mary, Sheila is on the phone

Mary: Seriously, I still have 79 emails to go through… Can you help her?

Amanda: “Can I help you out?”… Oh, she doesn’t want to talk to me… She’ll call you back.

Tori: Jody, don’t forget about your interview.

Amanda: Jody, Ray is on the phone for you.

Jodi: Ugh, I’m still trying to finish payroll! If I don’t get this submitted now, our employees are not getting paid this week. AND 15 ppl still haven’t submitted their time cards!!

Amanda: okaaayyy… I’ll take care of Ray.

Tori: Mary, I have a client on the phone for you. I think they are needing a receptionist for tomorrow.

Amanda: Jody, Ray really wants to talk to you… Can you help him?… Jody?? 

Tori: Mary?? 

Jody:  We understand sometimes we’re not as easy to get a hold of as you would like us to be .

Mary: We are constantly taking calls from employees, doing interviews, visiting clients…

Jody: BUT, that is what we have to do to find awesome opportunities for you.

Mary: We heard your responses from our survey, and we know we have some work to do!

Jody: We really want to have better communication with you all, sometimes it’s just so hard. That’s why I’m happy to say we have 2 other team members that can help you just as much as we can.

Mary: Amanda is our Recruiter and Employee Relations coordinator and Tori is our Recruiting Assistant

Amanda: I’m here to help when you have questions about interviews, assignments, or if you are waiting to hear feedback. We are also trying to make a better employee experience for you all. You will see more of this to come, starting with the Susan G Komen race we would love for you to join us in. And, when the Holidays role around be expecting a Christmas party as well. 

Tori: I’m here to help you with payroll, paperwork, and anything else whenever we “can’t find” Mary or Jody. We have lots of changes in the works, including the technology to access your pay stubs, change your address, and even review your tax documents online. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as this is available to you.

The point is, we’re all a team. And we are all here to help you. We’ve heard your feedback, and we are working together to serve you better.

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