As an employer, you care about the people who make your company a success and want them to live long, healthy lives. Most of your staff probably spends at least eight hours per day at your office ─ totaling a significant portion of their time.boss You may not realize this, but your company culture could be inadvertently promoting unhealthy lifestyle choices.

If you’ve noticed that your staff could use to be a bit healthier, give them a push by making a few changes in the workplace. Practicing healthy habits at work is bound to motivate people to make positive changes in their personal lives as well.

3 Ways to Encourage a Healthier Workplace

Want to help your employees get a little healthier? It’s no secret that a healthy workforce is also happier and more productive. Use the following three tips to promote good health in your office.

  1. Provide Healthier Snacks: Employees may enjoy a vending machine stocked with chips and soda and free pizza lunches every Friday, but offering these types of foods isn’t helping anyone. Instead, fill vending machines with healthier options like sparkling water and almonds. When you have an office party, serve veggie trays and fruit rather than high-calorie snacks.
  2. Offer On-Site Fitness Classes: While your team members may not take the initiative to attend a fitness class or go to the gym on their own, they might be more willing to get active if they can do so at work. Bring in fitness instructor to host yoga, Zumba or any other type of exercise class at lunchtime that your employees can take for free. Not only will they get healthier, they’ll come back to their desks energized for the rest of the afternoon.
  3. Promote Preventative Care: Offer on-site flu shots and health screenings to encourage your staff to focus on preventative care. If your insurance plan allows it, give discounts on health insurance to employees who are able to meet designated biometric goals. People always appreciate incentives to save money!

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