In partnership with American Honda Finance, PrideStaff has coordinated a series of round-table discussions focused on what Service Delivery professionals value most.


On September 24th, Julie Vicic, PrideStaff Strategic Partner coordinated the first event of the series: “Coffee & Collaboration.” The event was hosted at the American Honda Finance facility in Irving. Area call center managers and recruiters gathered to discuss the challenges of hiring, managing, and engaging employees in the Dallas market. Attendees had the opportunity to collaborate on the challenges and resources specific to attracting and recruiting top quality talent, shifts in the recruiting market, the selection and onboarding process, and training strategies.

Attendees gained perspective on these challenges in an effort to develop best practices for their own organizations. One attendee representing the North Texas Tollway Authority provided feedback, “…I loved the collaboration with other recruiters and managers. The open forum was a great style to cover the challenges that directly impact my job everyday…” 


Our next “Coffee & Collaboration” event will be held in late 2014.

Hiring managers will have the opportunity to discuss points specific to Employee Engagement and Retention in area call centers.

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