It’s important to keep up with the latest hiring trends to attract top candidates. Texas will see a number of innovative new developments in hiring very soon, as the industry continues to evolve in an effort to keep up with ever-changing needsDallas Texas Job Trends to Monitor

New advancements in technology have made it easier to connect with top talent and learn more about them. Capitalizing on these opportunities helps you to make better hires, raising both retention and productivity rates. Rather than simply having to post an open position on a job board to attract candidates ─ rely on their resume to make a judgment call ─ you now have a wide-variety of available resources to work with.

5 Job Trends to Watch For in Texas

Curious about these innovative new hiring trends? Learn more about five of them you definitely don’t want to miss out on:

  1. Job Applications Gone Mobile: These days it seems like everyone has a smartphone, so expect to see an onset of mobile apps, making it easy to apply for jobs on-the-go. If your HR site isn’t already mobile friendly, now is the time to optimize it.
  2. Innovative Resumes: Goodbye text-heavy resumes! Innovative job seekers will include links to samples of their work, social media accounts, video clips and more on their resumes, making them much more than just a block of text.
  3. LinkedIn as a Way to Dig Deeper: Rather than viewing LinkedIn as a resume substitute, you can use it as a way to learn even more about top candidates. The site is always adding innovative new features, such as the ability to upload portfolios, write recommendations and share videos, making a consistently valuable resource.
  4. Using Twitter to Find Candidates: Unlike LinkedIn, it’s free to post jobs on Twitter. More and more companies will begin using their Twitter accounts as a hiring resource, searching for candidates and posting open positions.
  5. The Rise of Group Interviews: Candidates and employers are likely to be on both sides of this one, as companies will hold more sessions interviewing multiple candidates during the same session and top contenders can expect to be interviewed by a panel, rather than a one-on-one session.

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