It’s certainly no secret that your employees are your greatest asset. Taking the time to hire the right people ─ instead of simply the first candidates that submit an application ─ can make or break your company.When Should You Begin Hiring in Dallas | PrideStaff Dallas

If you’re wondering how to determine the right time to begin planning your hiring strategy, the answer is now. It’s never too early to start thinking about the positions you’d like to fill and the people you’d like to hire. Even if you’re not quite ready to start interviewing yet, when it comes to staffing your team, there’s no such thing as being “too prepared.”

3 Different Types of Hiring Decisions

While each and every employee is important to the success of your company, you’ll need to take a unique approach when handling different types of hires, including:

  1. Plans for Expansion: If you’re forecasting growth in your company’s future it’s important to start your hiring plan at least a few months in advance. Determine exactly how many new positions you’ll need to create, what the responsibilities will involve, and exactly what you’re looking for in the ideal candidate.
  2. Succession Planning: If your company leaders are nearing retirement age or otherwise planning their eventual exit, it’s important to find and groom the right people to take the reins. You’ll need to find someone with the right amount of experience ─ who is at the ideal point in their career to take on such a huge responsibility ─ which could take years. For example, you may have a very ambitious 25 year old staff member, but this person wouldn’t be an appropriate choice to take over the company in three years when your CEO retires.
  3. Taking on New Leaders: If expansion efforts have created a need for new leadership positions, such as CTO or CMO, you’ll want to take your time finding the ideal candidate. This person will have a significant impact on your organization, so you want to be sure they’re both an excellent skills and culture fit. It could take a year or two to find the best person for the job.

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