When searching for a new job for an extended period of time, it’s easy to get more excited about a job offer than the actual position itself and rush into things. Accepting an offer for a position your heart truly isn’t into PrideStaff North Dallas Staffing Agencies often sets the stage for disappointment ─ and fast.

If you find yourself in this position, you’re not alone. It’s impossible to know what life at a new company is going to be like until you experience it first-hand. Sometimes your expectations will fall short, so it’s important to know how to handle the situation like a true professional.

To Quit Your New Job or Learn to Love It?
It’s a pretty bad feeling to hate a job you’ve just started. However, there’s no right or wrong move in regards to staying vs. leaving. You have to do what’s best for you in your unique situation.

  1. Determine the Reason You’re Unhappy. 
    The root of your issues with the new job can say a lot for your case of whether or not to quit. Adjusting to a new company can take some time, so if you’re just feeling a bit lonely or are having a little trouble getting adjusted, it’s probably best to give it some time. Conversely, if you’re working 12 hour days, are surrounded by toxic colleagues, and genuinely hate the work you’re doing, it’s likely time to create an exit strategy.
  2. Talk to Your New Manager.
    It’s definitely a good idea to have a discussion with your new manager regarding your discontent with the position. After taking the time to recruit and hire you, the company won’t want to lose you right away. Your manager may have some insight into why things aren’t what you expected ─ and when that will change ─ or may be willing to make some adjustments to get you to stay. There may even be another open position in the company that you could transition into, but you’ll never know unless you ask.
  3. Be Patient in Your Next Job Hunt.
    If you ultimately decide you need to get out, take the time to find a position you actually like. Now that you’ve personally experienced the consequences of accepting a job you’re not that into, it’s important to learn from your mistake ─ not repeat it.


Need a little help finding a new job? Contact PrideStaff North Dallas. We can assist you in finding your ideal position ─ one that makes you excited to get up and go to work each day.

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