Your personal brand is a compilation of your skills, experience, values, and the ways your talents can be used to help Building Your Personal Brandothers. These unique features work together to create your sell proposition to employers.

When you’re actively looking for new opportunities, having a strong personal brand increases your chances of getting hired for the job. It gives employers a strong impression of who you are and the value you could add to the company.

How to Build a Strong Personal Brand
Personal branding and differentiation are essential in giving you the upper hand when competing for an available position. Build your own positive personal brand to attract potential employers using these four ideas:

  • Social Media Sharing.
    Use social media to position yourself as an industry expert. Regularly posting articles relevant to your field and sharing your expertise shows hiring managers you really know what you’re talking about. Use platforms like LinkedIn to make connections with other professionals in your industry.
  • Maintain a Professional Blog.
    A blog is a valuable tool in personal branding. Writing articles on tips, new products, trends and other topics relevant to your industry shows your sincere interest in the topics. When other people tune it to what you have to say, you become an industry leader, which is invaluable to your personal brand.
  • Participate in Volunteer Activities.
    Doing a bit of volunteer work is a great way to gain experience in the field and show hiring managers that you really love what you do. It also helps you to build your contact list, creating opportunities for recommendations and consideration for future job openings down the road.
  • Join a Professional Organization.
    A professional organization is a great way to network with other people in your field. Not only does attending networking events offer you the chance to make valuable connections that could lead to jobs, these groups also often provide members with workshops and seminars to boost their skills relevant to the industry and increase their marketability.

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