So you’re stuck in a job that you hate. We’ve all been there. And we can all agree that it’s a frustrating experience to go through.AngryEmployee

Perhaps there’s been a conflict with a co-worker. Or you can’t stand your boss. Or perhaps your daily assignments just aren’t making use of your full potential. Regardless of the reason, there’s no point staying in an unsatisfying position when you could be pursuing other opportunities.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled at work, here are a few important things to keep in mind as you begin to develop a plan of action.

Don’t Shout it From the Rooftops (Even if You Really Want To!).
Far too many people make the mistake of telling people when they’re unhappy at work. Even if your intention is to find a new job as soon as possible, try to limit the number of people that you share the news with. Most importantly, don’t tell your co-workers. You never know what might slip out accidently and you don’t want your professional relationships jeopardized by a colleague’s big mouth. You’ll likely need your current employer as a reference. Always use your discretion before you divulge this kind of sensitive information.

In the meantime: quietly consider what it is about your job that you dislike and begin making a plan for how you can solve the problem.

Go Over the Pros and Cons. Weigh Your Options. So we’ve already established that you hate your job, but are you completely sure that you’d like to go elsewhere? Don’t make a hasty decision and resign right away. Perhaps there’s a solution that doesn’t involve leaving the company for good. Is there an alternate department where you would be happier? Is there a way to restructure your current role to give you more satisfaction? If you have a good relationship with your supervisor, you might want to consider discussing your issues with them before making a final decision to leave. It may be possible to generate a solution together and avoid the time and effort associated with changing jobs.

Search Smarter.
If you’ve made the ultimate decision to leave your current organization, now it’s time to embark on the delicate task of searching for a job while you’re still in a position. Begin by updating your online resume to showcase your up-to-date skills and experience. Maybe make some inquires through your professional network as to whether any comparable organizations are looking for someone like you. Do some research on the companies in your area where you think you might fit in well. 

But just as we discussed earlier, try to perform all of these tasks as quietly as possible. You’ll want to reduce the chance of your current company finding out that you’re leaving before you land a new job.

Always Resign Gracefully.
Don’t forget to provide a polite, respectful resignation letter when you’ve secured a new position. Whether you hated your job or not, it’s important to leave on a good note. Offer to help make the transition easier while you prepare to leave the company. Give ample notice. You never know when you might need a recommendation in the future so it’s important not to burn any bridges.


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