So, you have several years of experience.  Your skills and background are a perfect match for the job requirements.  You felt like the interview went pretty well.  But for some reason you still didn’t get the job.  What’s the deal?Reasonons You Didn't Get Hired

Unfortunately, you don’t have the luxury of knowing why you didn’t get hired.  And, most hiring managers won’t be forthcoming even if you come out and ask.  But that’s not going to stop me from being honest and blunt with you…

Top reasons why people don’t get hired…and how to fix them. 

  • You didn’t make a good first impression.
    Maybe it was outdated interview attire. Messy hair.  Too much perfume or cologne.  Not dressing in professional attire.  These are all first impression killers.  Take a close look at how you show up to interviews and see if there is something that you need to change. And if you’re unsure ask someone! 
  • You like, um, use works like like and um too much.
    It’s a nervous habit but it’s a habit that could be preventing you from getting a job offer.  Using the fillers “like” and “um” can give the interviewer the impression that you’re not confident.  The worst part is, most people have no idea they’re doing it!  Record yourself answering mock interview questions and see if you suffer from the “likes” and “ums.”  If you do, swap out those fillers and just replace them with a breath.  It’s amazing how big of an impact that little change will make! 
  • Your eye contact stinks! 
    Baseball players are taught to keep their eye on the ball.  Interviewees should be taught to keep their eye on the interviewer!  When answering questions, make eye contact with the interviewer(s).  If you continually look down at the ground or look away while answering a question it’s a sign that you’re unsure or untrustworthy. 

  • You’re nervous—and it shows.
    A job interview can be stressful and may make you nervous—but you need to control your nervousness.  Some signs of nervousness include awkward laughter, fidgeting and toe tapping, sweating and clammy hands.  If you can get these under control you’ll come off as much more confident and capable.  So just relax! 
  • You don’t ask questions.
    Interviewees are used to being asked questions.  But you should also be prepared with your own set of questions.  Arriving at the interview with a set of well thought-out questions can show the interviewer that you’ve done your research and are seriously interested in this position. 


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