Put simply, each staffing agency is unique.Tips For Choosing a Staffing Firm

If you’ve decided that your organization could use the help of a staffing partner, it’s important to understand how to determine if an agency is the right fit.

Here are just a few of the many things to consider when selecting a staffing agency:

Identify Your Company’s ‘Pain Points’
The first and most important thing to do before contacting a staffing firm is to evaluate your company’s current situation. What obstacles do you have to overcome and how can a staffing agency help? Maybe you’re searching for a collection of temporary staff to help you out during a peak period. Or perhaps you need a highly skilled permanent employee to help round out your team. Each company has their own set of specific needs. Once you know where your company needs help, it will be much easier to get in touch with an agency that can address and solve your issues.

Research the Agencies in Your Area
Each staffing agency has their own set of skills and strengths, as well as particular areas of expertise. While some agencies focus primarily on filling temporary placements, others exclusively place workers with a specific set of skills. Take the time to learn more about the agencies in your area and get a sense of where their comfort zones are.

Do Some Price Shopping
A firm that claims to provide skilled professionals at a price below market value is probably not a smart choice. Even though the price might seem enticing, it’s unlikely that they are placing high quality staff. Moreover, any agency that charges a premium might be taking a larger cut and underpaying their candidates. Getting in touch with a number of agencies and shopping around will help you decide which agency’s fees are the most reasonable for your company.

Ask for References
When you’re down to a couple of prospective staffing partners, it’s always a good idea to examine each firm’s current and past client list. Look to see if they’ve worked with companies like yours in the past. Don’t be shy about calling their clients and asking for a brief reference. A long history of serving reputable clients is a very good sign of a great agency. And you want to ensure that you’re working with the best.


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